June 23, 2024

1. Register @ Country Club X

2. Sign into our service

3. Search the member directory

4. Find the club you want to play

5. Connect with the member of that club

6. Arrange your round

Upon successful verification of registration details and club affiliation, new members are granted access to the Country Club X community.  Once logged in, members can edit their profile, view their newsfeed, browse the member directory, exchange goods/services in the marketplace, and create an upcoming event.  Of course most members primary interest will be to browse the member directory to connect with members of country clubs they would like to play.  Below is an example of how this process works:

Steve: Hi John, I’m heading to San Francisco for a conference next month (18-24) are you available to golf any of these days?

John: Hi Steve, I’m available the morning of the 21st.  Let me know if this works for you and I’ll book a time.

Steve: Sounds great, book it!

From the above mentioned example, John covers the guest fee in exchange for a round at Steve’s course later in the year when he travels to Georgia on business.  As the two advance through their round they naturally discuss each other’s business dealings.  By the end of the round Steve offers to invest in John’s company.  This is the primary benefit of a Country Club X membership – networking with private club members.

Given the above mentioned example, a guest green fee was collected at the proshop.  While waiting for their tee time, Steve buys a hat and a golf shirt.  After their round they have lunch and enjoy a couple cocktails.  Total spent by Steve: $500.  This is an example of the benefits to both Country Club X members and the clubs they belong to.

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