June 23, 2024

What is Country Club X?

Country Club X is an online community exclusively for country club members. Its main purpose is to connect club members so they can independently arrange a round of golf with members of clubs they normally wouldn’t have access to.  The number of clubs our members can golf at grows each time a new member registers for our service.  Please register today, it’s completely free for active club members with a registered (USGA, RCGA, EGA) handicap.

“Our goal is to have at least one member from every club around
the world so our members can golf at private clubs anywhere they travel.”  


We’re private club advocates and we believe our service will help revolutionize the industry through the use of modern technology. Our technology provides every country club member the opportunity to golf at and experience the amenities of private clubs near them or anywhere they travel without the need of a reciprocal ballot. This is accomplished through an invitation from a Country Club X member to visit and play as their guest.


Golf was created on the foundation of socializing while enjoying nature and the complexities of the game. Finding a challenging golf course is easily achieved by joining a country club, however the social component isn’t necessarily guaranteed upon admission. Country Club X solves this by connecting members that share common interests and/or handicap in an online community exclusively designed for country club members.


The primary goal of our service is to add value to a country club membership by connecting club members. Learning more about fellow club members and meeting members of other clubs result in stronger relationships, potential business opportunities, and certainly more rounds played. Along with the networking component of our service, members can create social events in the community calendar and exchange goods & services within the marketplace.

While club members are the primary focus, the clubs that our members belong to directly benefit from our service. The most tangible benefit comes in the form of a guest green fee from a visiting Country Club X member. Merchandise, food, and beverage sales will complement the green fee as most guests will purchase a souvenir and stay for a meal. Positive experiences will likely result in a return visit from that guest along with word of mouth advertising within the community encouraging other Country Club X members to visit that club.


There is a general misconception that country clubs are out of reach for the average golfer. As private club advocates, we have taken it upon ourselves to inform the golf community and general public of the many benefits associated with club membership.

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