June 23, 2024

Country Club X collects some personal information from our members such as first & last name, email address, and the club they’re affiliated with. This information is collected for two reasons. It is primarily collected to verify credentials prior to granting access to our technology. The second reason is for our members to know who they’re connecting with – verified country club members.

The majority of this information is collected during the registration process and a few additional details after the user has been verified. These personal details are only visible to verified members of Country Club X and will never be released publicly.

We have taken every step necessary to ensure data security and website integrity. Country Club X received a security certificate through a third party (Let’s Encrypt) which can be seen in the address bar as HTTPS. Our email server has also been verified with Domain Keys Identified Mail Standard (DKIM).

Country Club X is an internet property located at https://countryclubx.com. The information contained on our website is intended to be viewed only by registered users. Any reproduction of this material is strictly prohibited and will serve as grounds for account termination.

Data removal. In the unlikely event that you would like to cancel your account we will remove all of your content from our server within 24 hours. This is our promise to you.

Should you require any further information regarding our privacy policy, please click here to contact us.