June 23, 2024


Country Club X was developed and designed exclusively for country club members. This means registration is restricted to active country club members with a verified handicap (USGA, RCGA, EGA).  We respect the privacy of our members and we are committed to the integrity of our of website so we will take every step necessary to verify every member registration prior to granting access to our technology. By maintaining this level of privacy we expect that our members will feel safe to connect, share information, and build lasting relationships with one another.


As a country club member you likely golf with the same group of friends week-in and week-out. Sure you’ll play a few rounds with other members throughout the year, but your core group is who you play most of your rounds with. These are your golf buddies and you know just about everything about them. You certainly know what they do for a living and you probably already exchange goods and/or services with them.  What about your other fellow members though? You might have an idea or may have heard what they do for a living but you don’t know for sure.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly what every member at your club does for a living? Perhaps you’re missing out on potential business or one of your fellow members can help get you a better deal on your car insurance.  The point is that every country club has a member base that covers just about every industry. These people are successful professionals that would be more than willing to help out a fellow member. Country Club X is the medium that connects every member to foster networking within each club while encouraging camaraderie.


Online shopping has become a staple in North American households. A growing component of this industry is peer-to-peer exchanges via eBay, Craig’s List, Kijiji, and a variety of similar websites. While these are excellent services, there are several unique transaction uncertainties associated with each website.  These uncertainties are mainly related to the unfamiliar relationship of each participant of the transaction (ie. strangers).  The Country Club X Marketplace removes this ambiguity by restricting use exclusively to members of country clubs throughout North America.

Golf Experiences:

Playing new and different golf courses is exciting to every golfer. While most country clubs have reciprocal courses, it is often cumbersome to arrange a tee time at these clubs. Obtaining a tee time can usually take several weeks of advanced notice due to ballot requirements and this still can’t guarantee a tee time. Playing as a member’s guest is a much easier process and depending on the club’s guest policy a tee time can typically be arranged within 24 hours. Through Country Club X, golfers of various handicaps can connect with members of other clubs to arrange a round of golf anywhere they travel.

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